Being a Strong Woman

July 12, 2017 Inspiration/Faith

Did you know the strongest woman in the world benched 800 pounds and “performed an equipped-bench-press of 600 pounds totaling more than 2000 pounds?” Now, that’s one strong woman.You’re one strong woman, too. You bench press daily. It might not be 800-pound weights, but you bench …..

New Mercies

Do like new things? I like new stuff. Who doesn’t like getting new stuff? New clothes, new shoes, new furniture, a new house, or new career. New things like clothes have a way of making a person feel better and make them walk differently. New …..

Double Dare in 2017

January 18, 2017 Inspiration/Faith

Will you believe for the impossible to be made possible?I dare you to write that book you’ve long to write,and leap into the deep end of publishing.I dare you to start that business with little to no money, and take a leap of faith into …..