Victorious Woman

May 16, 2018 Inspiration/Faith

You were built to win. You don’t back down. You keep at it again and again. You know how to win. You might get scrapes, scars, bumps and bruises, but you’ve endured the illness, the pain, the sadness, the shame. You and I are victorious.You’ve …..

Kill Your Giant {Them Fighting Words}

May 9, 2018 Inspiration/Faith

Your mama! Those are definitely fighting words. Have you ever seen a fight start because of those words? Those words are used to arouse and aggravate you to wanna jump across the table and deal with the person who said those two hurtful words “Your …..

Beware of Fantasy Writer-itis

May 6, 2018 Writing/Publishing

Computer crashes. Writers block. The words run from me like I’m in a scary movie. There’s an intense season of sickness. Gave up several times. Rejection from top bloggers. Book delayed for months. And much more happened to me during the process of writing my …..

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