Let me tell you…

When you set out to accomplish a goal, your childhood dream, or fulfill a mission it seems like a big avalanche falls on your path to make you give up and quit. I know I can’t speak for you, but for me, this is what happened.

I thought about quitting several times during the writing process of Dear Woman in 2014. You know what, I did. I stopped. I told my beloved husband, “Why should I finish writing anyway? I’m not a famous blogger or author with thousands or millions of readers waiting on their new release. No one is waiting on this book. And the obstacles I’ve facing right now seem too big to push out of my way. I quit. I don’t want to finish.”

I felt like that for a few days. The obstacles sent my way hit their mark and accomplished their goal “to make me stop.”  I stopped in the middle of my writing.

A strong desire on the inside of me didn’t let me sleep or stop for too long. Encouragement came from my beloved husband, through my family and close friends. Also, encouragement came through blog posts I read. This gave me the strength to pick up the pen and put my fingers on the keyboard again. I pushed through the obstacles.

There were many obstacles and roadblocks in the midst of writing “Dear Woman: Get Well Letters of Hope.” I guess I had an unrealistic idea of what it meant to be a writer, and what it took to accomplish a dream. I was naive to think there wouldn’t be any obstacles.

No one told me when I started on my writing journey this past year that there would be times when:

1. You’d want to quit.

2. Writing is hard work.

3. Writing is a lonely place.

4. You’ll have to work hard like you’re working out.

5. The words will run from you like you’re in a scary movie.

6. You’ll face life challenges that will drain you.

7. You’ll have to work hard and make writing a habit.

8. Your mother will get in a car accident in March.

Whatever obstacles, avalanches, hindrances, or blockages that try to keep you and me from seeing our dreams fulfilled remember they only come to make us stronger.

9.  Your granny will be admitted to the hospital in April and you still must push through.

10. Writing is really hard work.

11. You’ll have to fight to stay focused and finish.

12. It’s easier to surf the internet, text, tweet and read blogs than to write.

13. You’ll deal with intense endometriosis episodes in your body.

14. Your editor will get sick.

15. Your printer guy will get sick, have to replace a machine and the sample books will be delayed for more than a month.

16. Your car will stop working twice, and you’ll need to replace the starter.

17. Someone will steal your credit card number.

18. Writing is not a glamorous or pretty job (did I mention it’s hard work)?

19. Your body will turn on you: neck and ear aches and extreme fatigue.

20. You’ll receive a bad report after bad report from doctors.

21. You’ll have to forsake some events and meetings to finish.

22. Your favorite past time (like watching movies, researching on the internet and resting) could be a great distraction to you.

23. You may find out you have a half sister after 36 years.

24. Your grandmother will be admitted a second time to the hospital.

25. There will be another book released with the same title.


There’s more but those are the big ones for me. Those obstacles almost stopped me from seeing one of my dreams (writing a book) fulfilled.

What is that dream, goal and aspiration burning inside of you? Maybe you’re smarter than me and you know this already, but I want to admonish and remind you it’s not going to be a smooth and easy path to get there. At least it wasn’t for me (I hope it is for you).  But you can overcome it and any roadblock standing between you and your dream!

Are you dealing with an obstacle to your dream or goal right now? What is it? Is it your health? Your job? Your finances or the lack thereof? A strained relationship? Your mind or emotional state? Your lack of focus or motivation? Your fear or self-doubt? Your friends? Your gender or race?

Whatever obstacles, avalanches, hindrances, or blockages that try to keep you and me from seeing our dreams fulfilled remember they only come to make us stronger. They come to test and see if we will persevere. They come to see if we will push through it, and don’t give up but FINISH. Finish not for our sake, but for the sake of others. Our dreams are so much bigger than us and not about us at all if we get a bigger perspective.

I’m coming to understand this bigger perspective. All of the obstacles that came into my path will be so worth it in the end. When I can finally encourage the discouraged, comfort the painful one, and share hope with the hope-deferred soul. In the end, it’s really not about me, but about God and his plan being fulfilled in my life and in yours.

Jump over your obstacles!

“For by You I can run against a troop,
By my God I can leap over a wall.”
– David (Psalm 18:29)